For a Better Society in the Language of Photography
Photography, as a universal language that crosses cultures and genders, helps build bridges to the marginalized and disenfranchised communities in society Using the language of photograph.

PHOTO IS:VOICE wishes to facilitate a positive change in society’s relation to the various communities that live in it, strengthen the self-image of
each member in the group, their inner richness and their relationships with
their families.
The program is based on the belief that every individual in society has the right to present himself, reflect his world to society, and make his voice hear in a direct and unmediated way. It is a unique program in which volunteers provide the participants and the community the photographic skills and means to achieve this goal. Our volunteers work with 60 communities, from Dimona in the south to Kiryat Shmona in the north: in group homes, women’s shelters and boarding houses for at risk youth, people with disabilities or on the autistic spectrum, populations from disadvantaged neighborhoods, and special education programs. The training program gives the volunteers the professional skills, means, and tools to set up and facilitate a group in the community, and help its members express their abilities and make their voice heard through the language of photography. The members of PHOTO IS:VOICE are social activists, volunteers, and professionals in the fields of photography, organization, and special education and experienced in the Photo Voice method.
The platform: The International Photography Festival – an international photography event in Israel which presents exhibitions of professional Israeli and international photographs alongside exhibitions of our partner communities in Photo is:voice Israel. To date, we have presented over 50 exhibitions photographed by 50 partner communities and 750 teens and adults from these communities. 150,000 visitors were exposed to these exhibitions, the social messages and the abilities embodied in these communities. NIS 250,000 were raised by some of these organizations directly through the platform we dedicated to this issue in the festival.

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